Starlight X. Vallejo, CA

I’m a bit overdue for this review! We recently sold our place and upon inspection they found a leak in our tub faucet. I was given a recommendation by our handyman and called these guys up. A week later, we had our appointment and everything went smoothly. Joe needed to shut off the water for 10-15 minutes, however, we live in a condo with 3 other attached homes. Joe was thoughtful of our neighbors and went to their doors to check to see if they were okay with the water being shut off for a bit. Either they were not there or they okay’d the shut off and Joe did his thing and was all done as quick as possible. Over the phone Krista had given me the minimum cost before our appointment, and the final bill ended up not much over that, and included a replaced part. Overall, I was impressed with the quickness and reasonable cost, and our buyer was satisfied with the repair. Thanks Joe, Krista, and the rest of the team at Up 2 Code!